Friday, March 19, 2010

Soap Object Photography

How to push myself to be more organized? Does anyone know the answer?

So many times I promised myself to blog often, and what? Still the same... :( I'm sorry I didn't wright down so many things which happened to me... Yes, there were something good and bad in my life.... Anyway, I'd like to leave it in the past and look forward to the future. :) So many interesting things is awaiting for me!

Today I'd like to share my first experience with object photography. Cindy (SudsNBubbles) and I have arranged to trade: she sends her products to me, and I take pictures of them. So I believe this is a win-win arrangement since she gets good pictures of her products, and I get her adorable soaps and other things. Well... yes it was just once but I look forward to keep the partnership.

So... at first, the project was challenging for me. The big problem, that I didn't have special equipment for object photography. I took the pictures with 2 desk lamps. It was challenging. The main problem was with color balancing because one lamp has tiny tiny tiny rose tint, and second one - yellow. So the color balance was completely ruined. I had to edit that pictures a lot. Anyway, that's are results of my work. :) Some of them... :)

Well... it's just two of them. Probably, I'll post more later. :)
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