Thursday, February 24, 2011

Necklace made of wool???

I'm kinda classy girl... :) especially, if it's about jewelries. I always thought that jewelry should be made out of some firm materials: gemstones, glass beads, or plastic... But I've never thought it can be made of fabrics or wool... Well... I was wrong :)

Look at this great hand made felted necklace by Tonya Utkina.

I'm really surprised how gorgeous a felted necklace can be. Tonya, great job! ... and shame on me :) I need to be more open to new hand made ideas :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spring is on its way

It's still February, but trees are blooming in Northern California... Well... not everywhere, but at least in my place :)

Blooming plum tree
I like to walk around and smell plum and almond flowers. This tart but yet sweet aroma really means for me that spring is coming. Also, I like the blooming flowers because they really well come out on pictures. It's pretty much difficult to take a good picture of them because they are very light and tender. But on the other hands, this challenge is good for me... I'm improving my skills :)

Also, this time I tried new style of photo editing - kinda cross processing. Well... I think it came not bad out for first time. :) What do you think?

You can find bigger size in my IrinaPhotography shop

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Great offer for returning customers from GraphicLand shop


Thank you for shopping in GraphicLand shop on Etsy or GraphicLand shop on Artfire. As appreciation for my customers, I'd like to offer


This offer is valid in 15 days after your purchase. Please don't buy all 5 collage sheets; buy just three and let me know numbers of two free ones in buyer's message. This offer is valid for your next order. The numbers of collages are in their titles. The offer is not valid for custom orders.

How it works...

If you are customer of GraphicLand on Etsy.
Go to Your Etsy. On the left, click Purchases link, and click the transaction link.

After transaction page is loaded, just copy the link

and place into buyer's note of your next purchase with number of bonus collages

If you are a customer of GraphicLand shop on Artfire (or my customer on some other market place... who knows... maybe, I'll open more stores :) ), you just go to your PayPal, find the last transaction, and let me know the number of the transaction with numbers of bonus collages.

Enjoy your 2 collages for free!

Warm things

Spring? No... ;) In my place it's still winter. I mean, it's winter as much as it can be in California. Days are warm, but night time... it's freezing! ;) Especially, my hands got cold... they are even shivering... Maybe, I need to have something warm? :)

I love the idea of wearing mittens. Hands are covered, but fingers are open, and I still can operate with them with no troubles. I really like these red hand made mittens that I found on Tanya's SocksAndMittens blog. They look warm and cozy, and yet elegant. ;) And I know... the mittens are made by Tanya's mom with love going from her heart! :)

They are gorgeous, aren't they? :)

So... my hands are completely frozen... I'm going to ask her to make me custom mittens for my poor hands. :)
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