Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More Lovely soaps

Yay! I have them again! I've got more great soaps from Cindy (SudzNBubbles) for product photography. And I'm keeping them!!! Cindy, thank you for them. They are really amazing.
These are just three of them. Honestly, I don't know how Cindy will title them; I'm just sharing my experience. :)

This one... I call it "Exotic cocktail". When I unwrapped it, great yet tender scent of tropic fruits filled my room

This one really reminds me fresh ocean breeze. So call it this way - "Ocean Breeze" :)

And this one smells like very jucy lemon... or lime :) My favorite scent. :0 Yes, I love citrus scents. :)

Cindy, thank you very much! I love your soaps. :)
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