Friday, September 30, 2011

Halloween printable tags for wine glasses

Halloween is on its way, and there is a time to think about home decoration, candies, and other essentials things that makes the holiday the way it should be :)

If you are going to have a party in your home, you'll definitely need to decorate a table with decors that fit the theme of Halloween. And I believe it's exciting to make some decors with your own hands :) So... let me share something today... It's wine glass tags... or paper charms :) They are especially perfect for standing dinner where people moving around socializing and can forget where they put their glasses. Having the tags will help them do not loose their wine glasses :)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Artistic tea sets by Yury Tarler

Unfortunately, I haven't met Yury Tarler in person, but I know him virtually as a member of Russian team on Etsy.

Looking at Yury's art works in his Etsy shop, I always knew he is a talented artist. But I was impressed after reading this article on Russian team blog. Yury had painted many portraits of famous people like Pope John Paul II, Nelson Rockefeller, and others.

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