Sunday, June 14, 2009


I've been in Oakland Zoo. The pictures are nothing special... just animals. LOL

I like to go to a zoo. When I was a kid, I lived in a city where was't a zoo. I remember I really wanted to go to see animals. And when we went to other cities where were zoos, it was really fun for me to go there. Unfortunately, zoos in my country that time and zoos in America are very very different. In my country, they lived in cages... they were really unhappy. I had different thoughts... I really liked to visit a zoo. On the other hand I was sad about their unhappiness.

In America, I don't feel sad.:) Animals look pretty good, and I like it. So visiting a zoo is exciting. :)

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Karen said...

I love the pictures! Especially the last cute. I love taking my kids to the zoo and seeing the look on their faces when they see the animals...have a great day!

Irina's photography and beyond said...

Thank you Karen-)

Unknown said...

Those are fabulous pictures. I am going to the zoo Wed. Can't wait and now I'm even more psyched.

Sunny Smith said...

I loved the pictures! I have not been to a zoo since I left California many many years ago.
You are wonderful behind a camera!!!!!!

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