Friday, October 1, 2010

Vintage inspired collage sheets

Do you like vintage?

Honestly, I'm not a big fun of vintage items or vintage style things. My favorite style is Hi-tech. I really like glass with metal in home decoration. Well... maybe not for all home but definitely for living room. So I'm mostly modern girl. :)

But surfing the Internet, I found a lot of inspirational vintage elements. So... why not to try to make vintage inspired collage sheets? :) They are not really vintage because they have some modern elements but I made them look like they are really came to us from Victorian era. You know I found the process very exciting. :) I figured out that I'm not going to decorate my home in Victorian style, but I can combine some Victorian elements elements together and make cute collage sheets. :) What do you think?

Digital collage vintage alphabet initials
Alphabet letter monogram collage sheet for scrabble tiles

Victorian alphabet collage sheet for scrabble tileAlphabet letters for bottle caps

Victorian alphabet collage sheet for bottle caps
Alphabet letters for domino tiles

Victorian alphabet collage sheet for domino tile
Victorian alphabet collage sheet for domino tile


MyWayToSay said...

Lovely :) I wish I knew what I can do with this :)

SocksAndMittens said...

Very nice, perfect for an altered art collage

Yulia Kazansky said...

Very cool design!

IrinaN said...

Thank you ladies for coming. :)

Vikulya said...

So amazing!

Katrinshine said...

Very beautiful!

Unknown said...

Do you sell this alphabet artwork? Where can I get it?

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