Thursday, January 27, 2011

Free digital collage. Valentine's day gift tags.

Valentine's day is coming! There are a little bit more than 2 weeks before the holiday. Maybe, gifts are ready to be given, maybe not. But anyway small finish touch is always needed. :)

What's touch? A cute gift tag! Yes, this small touch will show how you do care about your recipient :)

These great heart shaped Valentine's day gift tags can be this final touch that won't leave your Valentine indifferent. So... you just can download them, print, pinch a hole, and attach a tag with cute ribbon.

You can make the hole wherever you want. No restriction. :) That's why the images don't have white rounds that usually appear on printable gift tags... just like an idea how they should look :) With my gift tags, it's your choice how to attach them.

The size of the hearts are around 2.5x3.5 in. The entire collage sheet is 8..5x5.5 in (a half of standard letter size). You can print as many as you need on home printer. For better result, I'd recommend to print them on laser printer on heavy paper... around 80-100 lb.

The digital collage with Valentine's day gift tags may be downloaded there. If the link doesn't work, please leave a comment, and I'll fix it. And don't forget to come back to download them :).

Please keep in mind that the gift tags are for personal use. You can sell them as printed finished gift tags, but can not sell the collage sheet in digital form.



Arctida said...

Very pretty gift tags! Love the idea of putting hole wherever you want :)

rizalaYa said...

Cute tags!

Vikulya said...

So sweet tags!Love it!

Maria Siyanko said...

so cute tags!
good job!

Charlene said...

Nice tags! Thanks!

IrinaN said...

Thank you ladies for stopping by :)

Blue & White Wear said...

So beautiful!

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