Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas wreath decoration

In my mother country, there is no tradition to hang up a Christmas wreath... or any other wreath at all :)  That's why this year it's the first time when we have a Christmas wreath on our door. Yes, yes, I'm absorbing :)

I didn't want to buy some artificial wreath, and they are also quite expensive for one time usage (who knows... may be next year I won't hang it up :)  ). I wanted to have one which is made of real pine. That's why, my hubby and I got one in Costco which is made of pine and decorated with some pine cones and berries.

Christmas wreath decoration

After we hung it up, it was clear that it doesn't look like Christmas one. I had to come up with an idea how to decorate it...

 In a dollar store, I got a red bow and a couple of garlands made of decorative bells and small ornaments.

Christmas wreath decoration

I detached the ornaments and bells, and randomly attached them to the wreath.

Christmas wreath decoration

Christmas wreath decoration

Christmas wreath decoration
Now, it looks like real Christmas wreath, and the smell is so good! Mmmmmm...

Christmas wreath decoration
Also, it cheerfully jingles every time when I open or close the door :)


Arctida said...

Oh so pretty! Great *upcycling* idea :)

katuasha said...

Very beautiful decoration!

crafts2love said...

Lovely beyond words! I'd love some jingles

Daisies Crochet said...

Love your jingles idea. Thanks for sharing!)

SocksAndMittens said...

It looks absolutely great!

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