Friday, January 4, 2013

One More gift from Secret Santa!

I love Christmas holidays seasons! It's a kinda magical time, and... a lot of gifts :) . I got another gift from another Secret Santa. Yeah... sounds funny... like we have several Santas instead of just one. Haha... Anyhow, I got 2 great personalized stamps from Sarah  who runs ahueofduckeggblue shop on Etsy.

Personalized stamps gift

It was also nicely wrapped in craft paper with very cute tag with stampped dog on it. Seems like wrapping in craft paper is trendy this season, and I like it :)

Personalized stamps gift

When I unwrap the gift, I found there 2 great personalized stamps which Sarah made for me. Sarah, thank you very much! It's a really nice gift, and I definitely will use the stamps. :)


évelyne said...

Bonjour j aime beaucoup votre blog

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