Saturday, March 16, 2013

How to make polymer clay leaves

I have a friend who I've never met in person, but we chat a lot on Internet :) I really feel that we are close and know a lot about each other just because those online chats... Her name is Svetlana from NESWeddingGarden. We like to share our craft ideas, give advises to each other, and generally chat about anything in our lives :) Recently, Svetlana shared a tutorial how to make leaves of polymer clay and how to use them in craft.

How to make polymer clay leaves

    To make these leaves, next are needed:
  • Polymer clay fall or summer leaves colors (or mixed)
  • A roller
  • Texture mat (canvas sheet is used in this tutorial)
  • Leaf cutter (set of 3 veined rose leaf plunger cutters are used in this tutorial)
Keen the polymer clay until it's soft, and roll it to a sheet approximately 2 mm thick. Place it on the texture mat and roll a little bit again. Just to make a nice texture on the back of the leaves.

How to make polymer clay leaves
Plunger cutters are usually used for sugar paste craft and for cake decoration. But they are also perfect for polymer clay. just cut different leaves with the cutters. Carefully remove leaves from the cutter. They are fragile!

How to make polymer clay leaves
Bake the leaves according to the instruction to the polymer clay you are using. The instructions are on it's label.

How to make polymer clay leaves
Then, these leaves can be used in many ways... Drill a hole, and it may be a pendant.

How to make polymer clay leaves
If there are two holes, the leaves can make an adorable fall themed bracelet

How to make polymer clay leaves
Or... a great hair pin may be made out of them...

How to make polymer clay leaves
There is no limit of uses to these leaves! Enjoy your craft :)


SocksAndMittens said...

Simply gorgeous. Love your tutorial!

Eugenie said...

Lovely and so easy to make!

oksanai said...

и очень красиво!

Arctida said...

Great DIY! Thank you for sharing :)

Svetlana NES said...

Thank you for sharing, dear!

bysiki said...

интересно )

Unknown said...

Oh, so delicate )

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Cool idea, once I will have free time I will definitely try!

Lauren said...

Gorgeous. I will be making a lot of jewelry with polymer clay coming up!

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