Monday, April 26, 2010

Chocolate dessert recipe

Today, I'd like to share one dessert recipe that is pretty much in Russia. We call this desert "Chocolate Salami", but it's nothing about meat. The title is just because it looks like salami. But you may call it "chocolate log" or whatever. :)

Chocolate dessert recipeSo you will need:
1/2 cup of sugar
2 eggs
3 table spoon of cocoa powder
1 stick of unsalted butter (115 gr)
5 table spoon of milk
1 lb of cookies or biscuits
1 cup of walnut pieces

I usually use "Cats cookies for people" from Trader Joe's. Well, this is just cookie. :) It sounds confusing, I mean "Cats coolies", that's why I took picture of them. Also, you can use regular biscuits for the desert.

First, the cookies should be powdered. I use meat grinder or food processor for it.

Than add walnut pieces to the cookie powder and mix it. Set aside the mixture.

Put eggs, sugar, and cocoa powder in non-stick pot. I prefer non-stick because it's easier to clean it after the desert is ready, but you may use whatever you want. Just keep in mind that the pot will be heated up. Whisk all ingredients until the mixture is smooth. Than add milk and completely melted butter. Whisk again and place the pot on medium-high heat.

Whisk it continuously, and bring it to the condition when it just about to start bubbling. Immediately remove from heat. Don't let it bubbling! It should look like chocolate souse.
Pour the mixture into ground cookies with walnuts and mix it thoroughly.
It should look like wet clay but short-brittle.

Then put this "clay" into plastic bag; smash and press it until the "clay" become smooth.

In the end, the mixture should look like a smooth clay. Put it on a sheet of foil or plastic wrap, and form it as a salami... or log. :)
Wrap and roll for better result.
Than cover the "salami" with foil or plastic wrap and put it into fridge for several hours until it firm.
That's it. :) Time for preparation is 15-20 minutes. Enjoy!
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