Monday, January 30, 2012

Breakfast idea for Valentine

It's just a little bit more than 2 weeks before Valentine's day, and almost everything is running around this holiday. We are preparing gifts, making decorations, probably, getting ready some special outfit, and so on. So I also want to share some idea for Valentine's day, and show how usual ingredients can make Valentine's day (and any other day) breakfast special.

Valentine breakfast food idea

Monday, January 16, 2012

Beaded fresh water pearl bracelet tutorial

Once, I found a great tutorial how to make an adorable beaded bracelet. The DIY tutorial was published on EtsyRussianTeam blog and it inspired me to make one for myself. It took me a while to make the bracelet for myself. Honestly, I have a lot of different tutorials that I keeping, but not making anything. But this one... I simply had to make it! Why?... I don't know :) Maybe, because it's made of pearl that I like very much! Anyhow, here we go. The bracelet!

Beaded bracelet DIY tutorial
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