Thursday, January 27, 2011

Free digital collage. Valentine's day gift tags.

Valentine's day is coming! There are a little bit more than 2 weeks before the holiday. Maybe, gifts are ready to be given, maybe not. But anyway small finish touch is always needed. :)

What's touch? A cute gift tag! Yes, this small touch will show how you do care about your recipient :)

These great heart shaped Valentine's day gift tags can be this final touch that won't leave your Valentine indifferent. So... you just can download them, print, pinch a hole, and attach a tag with cute ribbon.

You can make the hole wherever you want. No restriction. :) That's why the images don't have white rounds that usually appear on printable gift tags... just like an idea how they should look :) With my gift tags, it's your choice how to attach them.

The size of the hearts are around 2.5x3.5 in. The entire collage sheet is 8..5x5.5 in (a half of standard letter size). You can print as many as you need on home printer. For better result, I'd recommend to print them on laser printer on heavy paper... around 80-100 lb.

The digital collage with Valentine's day gift tags may be downloaded there. If the link doesn't work, please leave a comment, and I'll fix it. And don't forget to come back to download them :).

Please keep in mind that the gift tags are for personal use. You can sell them as printed finished gift tags, but can not sell the collage sheet in digital form.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Year holidays trip. Part 1 :)

How did you meet New 2011 Year? :) I met it pretty much exciting . In my mother country we believe that your new year depends on how you met it: if the holiday was cheerful, next year will be pleasant and joyful.

So... My hubby and I decided that we have to spend the holidays traveling because we really like it. And yes, we'd love to travel a lot next year :). So... San Diego was our destination for this time.

It's already kinda our family tradition to go this time of a year to San Diego. LOL We've been there 3 years in a row. Usually, we've gone there on Christmas, but this year my hubby couldn't make it on Christmas.

We hit the road on January 31. Our first day route was on HWY 1 which is a really scenic place on California map. It runs along ocean shore waving, and you'll never know what is waiting for you around next turn... what view is waiting for you... Weather forecast has shown that it should be partly cloudy. Well.. it was partly sunny. :) I would say very very partly sunny. Honestly, I was expected to take a lot of pictures on the road, but it was so gloomy... the sky and lighting was so boring... See yourself..

We've been driving whole day and arrived at night to Solvang. Solvang is a small town in California which is built in Dutch style. It's like a small fairy tale town lost among California's hills. I've been there before in my first trip. So I knew what to expect, but this time Solvang went beyond my expectation. :) It was like to get in small and festive doll town.

Lights are everywhere...

It was New year night, and we planned to have a holiday dinner at some restaurant. I was surprised because all restaurants were closed. I mean, restaurants in historical downtown. I mean ALL restaurants were closed over that night. We found only one bar with sign that they work late on New Yer night... UNTIL 10 P.M. It was a little disappointing but on the other hand, there were very few people on the streets. We could just walk around, take night pictures, and nobody spoiled my photographs showing up on them :).

Especially, I was impressed by shop windows. They were decorated so nicely!

This is a beer mugs shop. So many of them, and everyone is a piece of art.

I felt like I really got in a doll town. :)

And of course Dutch bakery :)

But night walking was not the only one our activity that night :) In the hotel, our holiday feast and Champagne were awaiting for us... Yeh, we brought them in a case we couldn't get a table in a restaurant. I was worried all restaurants are overbooked. Well... they were just closed.

More pictures from this trip :)
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