Thursday, May 6, 2010

Violet Tulip blank note card

The story of the images are very simple. One lady has found my photographs in Internet and liked them. She asked me to make a custom order for her. It was first experience for me to take custom photos. Well, I was pretty free to take pics that I want, but anyway... FIRST CUSTOM ORDER!!! I was excited.

So the lady had a frame for 5 photos and lilac colored walls where the frame will be hanged. My job was to come up with something what fits to the frame and wall. At first, she wanted just 5 different flower photographs, but my idea was to make "One Flower Story." She believed me, and here we go! That's what I came up with. :)

Violet Tulips
After the project was done, I decided to turn the photographs into blank folded note cards. I believe they will be great additions to any gift. :) So this is a first note card from "One Tulip story" series. It's available in IrinaPhotography store.

Violet Tulip note card
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