Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dahlia Flowers Show in San Francisco

Last Sunday, my husband and I almost accidentally got to dahlia show that was taken place in Golden Gate park in San Francisco :). The show is usually conducted by Dahlia Society of California once in a year if I remember correctly. Well... I'm writing a little today because there is no words to explain how beautiful these dahlias:) I'm simply sharing pictures of dahlia flowers with small comments :)

Dahlia Flowers Show picture

Thursday, August 23, 2012

How to enhance pictures with online photo editor

It's not a tutorial; it's just a way to share "how I did it". All started when I was helping my Etsy teammate to enhance a little bit pictures of her items. I know that not everyone has Photoshop, and I found a convenient free tool for online photo editing . Graphic user interface is pretty much intuitive and convenient to use. I'm going to use a picture of wedding flower from BelleBlooms shop on Etsy to show photo editing in action. Again, it's just one way to make your pictures look a little bit better. I'll show how I got the result (left picture) from the original (right picture).

Photo enhancement with online tool

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Note card with quilling paper embellishments

This is my first quilling project! :) One of my friend and co-worker is expecting a baby girl. I was making the quilling note card for her. I was excited to see the result myself because it's completely new craft for me :)

Quilling note card baby girl

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