Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spring is on its way

It's still February, but trees are blooming in Northern California... Well... not everywhere, but at least in my place :)

Blooming plum tree
I like to walk around and smell plum and almond flowers. This tart but yet sweet aroma really means for me that spring is coming. Also, I like the blooming flowers because they really well come out on pictures. It's pretty much difficult to take a good picture of them because they are very light and tender. But on the other hands, this challenge is good for me... I'm improving my skills :)

Also, this time I tried new style of photo editing - kinda cross processing. Well... I think it came not bad out for first time. :) What do you think?

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Beautyland said...

Beautiful flowers!

rizalaYa said...

Beautiful photo! Love it!

Moriah said...

Love this, you are very talented!

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