Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Flowers inspired jewelry by Svetlana Frenkel

Do you like surprises like I do?-))

Recently, I got a gift from Svetlana from NESWeddingGarden and it was totally a surprise. I picked my maill from a mail box, and found there a package with no returning address. Hmmm... I was rushing to home to open it. And... inside I found this adorable hibiscus flower brooch made of polymer clay.

Polymer clay jewelry by Swetlana Frenkel

Of course, I was interested what story behind the flower, and Swetlana shared what inspired her to make it.
Polymer clay jewelry by Swetlana Frenkel

There are a lot of blooming flowers year around in Israel. They are seen everywhere: blossoming fruit orchards, city parks, house yards, and others. So for Swetlana, who is a flower lover, every time she is getting from home, it’s like a step into a world full of inspiration. Even now when I’m writing this post, I’m chatting with her, and she is describing to me an adorable blossoming pomegranate tree on the right side of her house door and a yellow mimosa on the left. And roses... roses are all over in her craft. :) These flowers are the main source of inspiration in her crafty life.

Polymer clay jewelry by Swetlana Frenkel

Also, she shared with me how people are traveling to Negev (it’s a desert in the Southern part of Israel) early in spring or even in the end of February. At that time, entire desert is covered with blooming poppies, and people are coming there to watch them. And Svetlana usually goes there too with her family to draw this amazing views (yes, she is a talented artist) and to get inspiration watching these amazing and delicate flowers.

Polymer clay jewelry by Swetlana Frenkel

Flowers are great inspiration for Svetlana. She has tons of ideas for flowers made of polymer clay. She also shared that very often when she starts to work on one flower she may end up making completely different one :) For example, she may start making rose bud suddenly some inner inspirational spirit transforms this idea into making pomegranate flower. :) The same happened with this flower, too :) Initially, she was thinking to make a rose flower, but she made a Hibiscus - the most common flower in cities in Israel.


Svetlana NES said...

Thank you for the warm word Ira!
I'm really glad you like this brooch.
And I think you are the best person to make surprising gifts :)

Unknown said...

Wonderful surprise, Svetlana :)

Arctida said...

So gorgeous! I love Svetlana's work!

Yanina said...


Katrinshine said...

they all are wonderful!

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