Sunday, February 12, 2012

Homemade sushi rolls

Do you like sushi like I do? :) No... I don't like them... I"M CRAZY about them! :) That's why I simply had to know how to make them at home, and once I found very easy recipe. Interesting?... Let me share how I do them. :)

Well... I understand that they are not authentic, but anyway I like them. I do them with salmon. PLEASE, KEEP IN MIND THAT EATING RAW FISH MAY BE HARMFUL FOR YOUR HEALTH.

First, I salt the fish. For about 1,5 pounds of salmon fillet (boneless and skinless), 4 table spoons of salt and 1 table spoon of sugar. You can make more the mixture, but it's better to keep 4:1 proportion of salt and sugar. Cover the fillet with the salt-sugar mixture, put in a plastic bag, and than the bag to a bowl (there are will be a lot of liquid). Put the fish in a refrigerator for at least 24 hours. I wouldn't recommend to keep it long, because salmon becomes sturdy and very salty that I don't like. After it's done, rinse the fish an tap with paper towels. So... it's ready to use for sushi or... I like to slice it thinly and make a sandwich. :)

The next step, is to cook rice. I would recommend to cook it at least 1 hour in advance before you are going to make sushi. It'll be freshly cook, but not so hot (sushi are made with bare hands). You'll need 2 cups of special sushi rice. Rinse it 6-7 times until water is clear. Put in a bowl, pour water, and set aside for 30 minutes. Rinse it again 2-3 times, put in a pot, pour 2.5 caps of water (in general, 1,25 cups of water for 1 cup of rice). Bring it to a boil, cover the pot with a lid and immediately reduce heat to the lowest and cook for 15 minutes. Than, turn off the heat, and let it stay for another 15 minutes. Important, do not open the lid! Meanwhile, prepare a rice seasoning. Usually, it's just 2-3 table spoons of rice vinegar, but I prefer to add to vinegar 1-2 table spoons of mirin. So.. when the rice is ready, pour the seasoning into the rice and fluff it with fork. Then, let it cool down a little bit, otherwise you may burn your hands. This cooking process makes the rice fluffy but sticky which is perfect for sushi.

Now, there is a time to prepare filling. I usually make with cucumber, avocado, cream cheese, and fish. Sometimes, I may add carrots. Well... it's your call what to add :) Cut the ingredients for pretty much thick strips.

Place a sushi rolling mat on a working surface, cover it with plastic (otherwise it'll be dirty and sticky, and hard to clean up). Put a sheet of nori shiny side down.

Put a fistful of rice on the top

...and spread it evenly leaving upper and lower sides with no rice (let's call upper side is the side which is farther from you).

Place fillings that you like on the lower side and wet upper side.

Now... all the fun begins :) We need to roll it. Be ready... 2-3 first times, the rolls are not going to come out well. It's just a matter of practice. So... start to roll from the lower side flipping the nori with rise over fillings. At the same time, turn out the mat with plastic wrap. Continue to roll until the roll is done.

Than, press it a little bit

... and remove the mat with plastic.

Set it aside for 10-15 minutes. Nori will get a little bit wet and easy to cut. Finish all rolls, and then cut into bite size pieces.

Serve with wasabi, soy sauce, and marinated ginger.

Enjoy! :)


Unknown said...

I like sushi.
Thanks for the recipe.

Katrinshine said...

Yummy! How you known - we cooked sushi today) Excactly like yours)

SocksAndMittens said...

Wow, what a great recipe. I just made some salted salmon yesterday so I am almost prepared to make some sushi by your recipe. Thank you for sharing!

Arctida said...

I don't like Sushi but you do make it look delicious :) Maybe I'll give it another try...

Carolina said...

This is a good recipe!I am going to try it.Thank you :)

Unknown said...

Were can I get the sheet to make it

IrinaN said...

Crystal, check any local oriental market.

Anonymous said...

What kind of rice should you use? i have made it very good but taste alittle different i don't no if it's the rice i used?

Erynn said...

I highly recommend adding a few sprigs of fresh dill to this particular roll because it goes so well with the salmon and cream cheese.

IrinaN said...

Thanks for the tip, Erynn :)

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