Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas gift exchange

Do you like to receive gifts? :) Well... who doesn't... It's third time in Russian team on Etsy when we have Secret Santa gift exchange. Initially, it was Albina's idea to play that game, and this year, it's third time we are playing the game.

Every time it's a little bit challenging for me. :) What to gift? What the person like? How my gift would suit the addressee life style? Also, I'd like to gift something hand made to share a piece of my warmth.

This year, I'm a secret Santa for one lady, and I'm not sharing her name. :) It'll be surprise for her. I made two small gifts for her: a calendar and a necklace. Well... Ladies like jewelry, and I hope that this part of the gift will fit her lifestyle :). I made it of pearls and clear crystals, that's why it should be OK with any outfit because I don't know her preferences in colors.

But second part... I wanted to make something really unique that I've never done before. Last year, I was a secret Santa for Tatyana, and I gifted her one of my photography. This year, I made a table calendar with California scenes taken by me.

So I designed layout, printed, and bound it.

Now, my gift is on the way to addressee, and I hope she'll like it. :)


GalaFilc said...

Wow!!!! Nice gifts!!!

Galya said...

Ира, как красиво!!! Уверена, получательница будет в восторге! Мммммм)

Natalka Pavlysh said...

Someones got lucky!

Yana said...

Beautiful gifts! I love both the calendar and the necklace!

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